14 Packages by chrisjpowers

  • air-drop Utility for packaging, manipulating and delivering JS and CSS source to the browser
  • dk-assets Asset Manager for the Drumkit Framework
  • dk-core Core Functionality Plugin for Drumkit Framework
  • dk-couchdb CouchDB Plugin for the Drumkit Framework
  • dk-model Model Interface for the DrumKit Framework
  • dk-model-couchdb CouchDB Model Implementation for DrumKit
  • dk-routes Routes Plugin for the DrumKit Framework
  • dk-server HTTP Server for the DrumKit Framework
  • dk-template Server-side and client-side templating for Drumkit.js
  • dk-transport Transparent Server-Client Transport Layer for DrumKit.js
  • dk-websockets Web Sockets for the DrumKit Framework
  • drumkit Plugin Driven, Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js
  • feat A framework for organizing and loading code by feature with built-in rollout support.
  • makey-button Makey-Makey powered button server