14 Packages by chapel

  • beckon beckon ======
  • catbox-memcached Memcached adapter for catbox
  • floc Real flow control with callbacks
  • fundot-hold Hold functions until arguments are given
  • fundot-partial Functional partial applications
  • fundot-utils Fundot utilities
  • hapi-peel Peel is a simple library to help with testing and development of modular plugin based [Hapi]( servers. It simply checks if your module is being required (by checking `module.parent`). If your module is not being required, it will create
  • nesting-doll Nested context library using CLS
  • ngist Gist module and CLI tool using node.js
  • reacter Simple server-side React.js
  • redcache
  • stenograph Nested transaction library, used to enhance existing logging libraries
  • stenograph-hapi Hapi plugin which adds transaction support using Stenograph
  • unid Uniquely unique IDs

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  • hapi HTTP Server framework