12 Packages by bermi

  • async-progress Progess reporting for async module functions
  • castit Opinionated Javascript variable casting with deep structures support
  • cloudfiles-mirror Mirrors local files to a Cloud Files account
  • console-proxy console proxy for the browser and Node.js
  • element-xpath Consistent xpath for a single DOM element
  • eventify Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events. For node.js and the browser. Based on Backbone.Events
  • jsonp-client jsonp minimal client for the browser (1.4K) and Node.js
  • password-generator Memorable password generator. For the command line, Node.js and the browser.
  • polymeric Wraps a collection of polymer elements into a namespace.
  • sauce-connect-launch... A library to download and launch Sauce Connect.
  • validate-jsonp Command line utility for validating JSONp documents
  • webdav-sync Basic local sync to WebDAV servers