12 Packages by 6a68

  • commodore A complete command line library - extends commander with required options and load config from a file
  • connect-fonts Middleware to serve up web fonts.
  • connect-fonts-exampl... super simple example of connect-fonts at work, see related blog post on hacks.mozilla.org
  • connect-fonts-feuras... Feura Sans font pack for connect-fonts
  • connect-fonts-opensa... Open Sans font pack for connect-fonts
  • connect-fonts-tools Utility scripts for working with connect-fonts font packs
  • convict Unruly configuration management for nodejs
  • get-aws-creds Get AWS creds+region from a config file, process.env, or EC2 metadata, in that order.
  • get-iam-creds Tiny module to fetch IAM creds from IMD
  • jsxgettext Extracts gettext strings from JavaScript, EJS, Jade, Jinja and Handlebars files.
  • jwcrypto **Deprecated, use browserid-crypto instead!** JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signatures and JSON Web Tokens, especially as needed by BrowserID.
  • node-font-face-gener... Generate language/browser dependent @font-face CSS declarations