npm Enterprise

All the power of npm, with the security and compliance you need.
JavaScript. Enterprise grade.
JavaScript. Enterprise Grade.

Bring your development under one roof, and get a handle on your company’s Open Source footprint with our dedicated deployment in the cloud. npm Enterprise keeps developers focused on what they do best, while providing you with industry-leading administrative capabilities. Reduce risk while reducing friction.

Security expertise

npm is the central authority on JavaScript security. Find — and fix — JavaScript security vulnerabilities before they make it to production, with nothing to set up or install.

De-duplicate development

Why pay twice for the same functionality? npm’s search and distribution features have revolutionized Open Source. Let us help you stop reinventing wheels.

Team management for many teams

Unlimited namespaces let your teams share and manage code without stepping on toes. Single sign-on lets you rest easy, knowing that only the right people have access to your system.

Fully managed,
fully supported

npm, Inc. is the only team in the world that has scaled an npm registry to more than 11 million people worldwide. Let us bring our operational expertise to you, with best-in-class support for the tool your development depends on.

The ultimate in
enterprise JavaScript
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Private registry hosting, workflow integrations, and compliance features for large companies

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