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    ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth

    ZzFX Sound Designer / ZzFX Sound Board Demo

    ZzFX Features

    • Tiny synth engine with 20 controllable parameters.
    • Play sounds via code, no need for sound asset files.
    • Compatible with nearly all web browsers.
    • Small code footprint, the micro version is under 1 kilobyte uncompressed.
    • Can produce a large variety of sound effect types.
    • Sounds can be played with a short function call. zzfx(...[,,,,.1,,,,9])
    • No additional libraries or dependencies are required.
    • Open source with MIT license, you can use this for anything!

    How to Use

    • Download from github or use npm install zzfx
    • Import ZZFX as a module with using import {ZZFX, zzfx} from './ZzFX.js'
    • Or paste the code from ZzFXMicro.min.js
    • To play a sound just call zzfx(), something like zzfx(...[,,,,.1,,,,9])
    • Use the ZzFX sound designer web app to create new sounds.

    Here are a few more examples examples...

    zzfx(...[,,925,.04,.3,.6,1,.3,,6.27,-184,.09,.17]); // Game Over
    zzfx(...[,,537,.02,.02,.22,1,1.59,-6.98,4.97]); // Heart
    zzfx(...[1.5,.8,270,,.1,,1,1.5,,,,,,,,.1,.01]); // Piano
    zzfx(...[,,129,.01,,.15,,,,,,,,5]); // Drum

    ZzFX Image

    ZzFX Music

    ZzFX UI Features

    • Generates random sounds from presets.
    • Sound list is automatically saved.
    • Each parameter can be modified with constraints.
    • Lock and mutate buttons for each parameter.
    • Sounds can be renamed.
    • Shortens code for zzfx sound calls.
    • Displays image of sound wave when played.
    • Sounds can be marked as favorites to prevent removal.
    • Sounds can be loaded by pasting zzfx code for easy sharing.
    • List of sounds can be exported and imported.
    • Supports drag-and-drop of exported files into sound list.
    • Supports saving sounds as wav files for offline playback.

    Games Using ZzFX

    ZzFX Image


    npm i zzfx

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