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Yet another uglify.js middleware for connect/express


Npm mode:

npm install zwe-uglifyjs-middleware

Package mode:

"dependencies": {
    "zwe-uglifyjs-middleware": "*"
Option Description Default
src The directory where the source .js files are stored. Required
dest The directory where the compiled .min.js files are stored. If not specified, it is the same as the src directory. =src
prefix Path which should be stripped from the public pathname.
compress Force the compression of the output.
Possible values:
  • false: never compress output;
  • true: always compress output;
  • 'auto': compress output depending on the extension (.min.js or .js.
debug Output any debugging messages to the console. false
force Always re-compile .js files on each request. false
once Only check for need to recompile once after each server restart. Useful for reducing disk i/o on production. false
generateSourceMap If it should also generate the .map.js file to use in browser debug. false
uglifyjs The object with options to pass to the uglifyJS constructor. {}
var server = connect.createServer(
        src: __dirname + '/public'
    connect.staticProvider(__dirname + '/public')
var app = express.createServer();

    src: __dirname + '/public'

app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public'));