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Zowe Utils

A convenience wrapper for Zowe Cli.

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This module exports two Objects:

1. ZosJob : Submit a Job and get a promise , that resolves to execution's outlist.

  1. Create a job from a jcl (string/ local file/ pds member) : let job = new ZosJob(jcl) .
  2. Submit the Job with job.sub() and get back a Promise.
  3. Watch job's running status by subscribing to 'status-change' event : job.on('status-change', newStatus => console.log(newStatus)) .
  4. Cancel job's execution at any time , with job.cancel().

2. ZosFtp : Ftp common operations.

  1. Get/Put/Del a dataset or PDS member from/to mainframe, e.g. : ZosFtp.del('U001.ZOWEUTIL.FILE')
  2. List Directories , e.g. : ZosFtp.list('U001.ZOWEUTIL.PDS')


  • Node.js: Any supported Node.js LTS version. For an up-to-date list of supported LTS versions, see Nodejs.org.

  • Zowe installed at Z/OS.

  • Zowe Cli installed globally at local machine. Zowe Cli @next is strongly recommended for better performance.

  • Your z/OS UserId should be a member of group IZUUSER.

Getting Started

Install the package to your project:

npm i zowe-utils --save 


yarn add zowe-utils

In your code :

const zoweUtils = require('zowe-utils')
const config = {
  user: 'ZOS_USERNAME',      // String: REQUIRED
  password: 'ZOS_PASSWD',    // String: REQUIRED
  host: 'ZOSMF_HOST',          // String: REQUIRED, host's IP address 
  port: ZOSMF_PORT           // Number: OPTIONAL, defaults to 30443.
const { ZosJob, ZosFtp } = zoweUtils(config)

Now you have available both ZosJob & ZosFtp Objects.

For a full list of config properties check the API section.

Try to submit a jcl that resides at mainframe , e.g. : 'U001.ZOWEUTIL.PDS(TESTJCL)'

let jcl = {
  name: 'TESTJCL',                      // String: REQUIRED, Assign a name to your job, used for logging and outlist save name
  description: 'Basic Jcl with RC=0',   // String: Optional
  source: 'U001.ZOWEUTIL.PDS(TESTJCL)', // String: REQUIRED
  sourceType: 'hostFile',               // String: REQUIRED
  RC: '0000'                            // String: REQUIRED, Maximum expected return code

let job = new ZosJob(jcl)
try {
  let outlist = await job.sub()
  console.log('job.RC :',job.RC)
} catch(error) {


const zoweUtils = require('zowe-utils')
const { ZosJob, ZosFtp } = zoweUtils(config)

Initialise ZosJob and ZosFtp by providing the config object:

  • config<object>:
    • user <string>: Required.
    • password <string>: Required.
    • host <string>: Required. IP address of ZOSMF.
    • port <number>: Optional. Default: 30443
    • encoding <string>: Optional. The encoding of the host. Local JCL's and datasets should always be in 'UTF8' before submitting/uploading to host . Default: 'UTF8'
    • watchJobInterval <number>: Optional. Time interval (ms) used internally by ZosJob to watch Job's status during execution. If the host is not powerful enough , increase this number. Default: 1000
    • deleteMainframeOutlist <boolean>: Optional. Set this to false if you want ZosJob to keep outlist at host, after job completion. Default: true Not Yet Implemented
    • loggingFunction<function>: Optional. Handle / store logs the way you want, instead of logging them at the terminal. For example you can use test/debug.js module , to write to a file of your choice. Default: console.log


const zoweUtils = require('zowe-utils')
const { ZosJob } = zoweUtils(config)
  • Constructor :
let job = new ZosJob(jcl)
  • jcl<object>:

    • name <string>: Required. Provide a name for your job. Used by ZosJob for logging and naming outlists. e.g. 'TESTJCL'
    • description <string>: Optional.A description of what the job is doing so that you can have all the information attached to the job object. e.g. 'Testing ZosJob basic functionality.'
    • source <string>: Required. This can be a path of a local file , a Javascript String or a host PDS member containing valid JCL code. Examples:
      • Local File:


      • Host PDS member:


      • Javascript String ( has at least one newline ('\n') character ):

        '//U001T JOB (BATI,U001,U001)\n' +
        '// EXEC PGM=IEFBR14'
    • sourceType <string>: Required. Defines the source type and can be one of these values: 'localFile', 'hostFile', 'string'.
    • RC <string>: Required. The maximum RC expected by the execution of the jcl. If the returned RC is greater than the string declared here, the job.sub() promise will be rejected. e.g. '0004'
    • outlistLocalPath<string>: Optional. The local path where to store the outlist execution results. Default: null
  • ZosJob Methods

    • sub(): Submits the job to JES. Returned promise resolves to outlist of the execution.
      try {
        let outlist = await job.sub()
        console.log('job.RC :',job.RC)
      } catch(error) {
    • cancel() : Cancel job submission. Returned promise resolves to undefined.
      try {
        await job.cancel()
      } catch(error) {
  • ZosJob Events

    • 'status-change': Emitted whenever job's running status changes e.g. from INPUT to ACTIVE or to OUTPUT.
      job.on('status-change', newStatus => console.log(newStatus)) // 'ACTIVE'
    • 'job-id': Emitted when JES assigns ID to job e.g. 'JOB19788'
      job.on('job-id', jobId => console.log(jobId)) // 'JOB19788'


  • ZosFtp Methods
    • put ( source <string>:Required, hostFile <string>:Required, options <object>:Required): Put the local file or the Javascript String defined by source , to hostFile (it will be deleted and recreated if it exists). Returned promise resolves to undefined.

      • options
        • sourceType<string>: Required. Can be either 'localFile' or 'string'.

        • allocationsOptions<_pairs_of_key_values>: Optional. You can specify the allocation attributes listed under options of zowe zos-files create data-set-sequential command. e.g.

          recfm: 'FB',
          lrecl: 300
      try {
        // source can be a path to local file 
        await ZosFtp.put('C:\\local.txt','U001.ZOWEUTIL.FILE',{
          sourceType: 'localFile'
        // or a Javascript String.
        await ZosFtp.put('I am going to host!','U001.ZOWEUTIL.STRING', {
          sourceType: 'string'
        // supply allocation parameters
        await ZosFtp.put('C:\\local.txt','U001.ZOWEUTIL.FILE2',{
          sourceType: 'localFile',
          recfm : 'FB', 
          size: '125CYL'
      } catch(error) {
    • get ( hostFile <string>:Required, localFile <string>:Optional): Download the hostFile z/OS dataset or PDS member to a localFile path. If localFile is omitted, then the Promise will resolve with the contents of the host file as a Javascript String.

      try {
        // download hostFile to localFile
        await ZosFtp.get('U001.ZOWEUTIL.FILE','C:\\local3.txt')
        // get contents of hostFile as a Javascript String.
        const result = await ZosFtp.get('U001.ZOWEUTIL.STRING')
        console.log(result) // 'I am going to host!'
      } catch(error) {
    • del ( hostFile <string>:Required): Delete the hostFile Dataset, PDS or PDS member.

      try {
        await ZosFtp.del('U001.ZOWEUTIL.FILE')
      } catch(error) {
    • list ( hostPath <string>:Required): List dataset or PDS members defined by the hostpath variable.

        try {
          const result = await ZosFtp.list('U001.ZOWEUTIL.PDS')
        } catch(error) {

Running the tests

Create a .env file at the root of the project and assign the following global variables:

ZOS_JOB_STATEMENT='//jobName JOB (SYSS,userId,userId)' # Minimal JOB statement needed by your z/OS installation for JCL to run 

Then issue the test command:

npm run test


yarn test


  • Christopher Chamaletsos

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details

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