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es5 -> es6

  • module.exports/require -> import/export
  • self/that -> () => {}
  • var -> let/const
  • object-shorthand
    • key: key -> key
    • a: function() {} -> a() {}

install the followings globally

npm i pm2 npm-run-all rimraf cross-env webpack postcss-cli -g --registry=

install the followings locally which can not be installed globally

npm i watch rimraf fs-extra eslint-config-zorojs --save-dev
npm i webpack webpack-dev-server html-loader json-loader raw-loader yaml-loader style-loader css-loader  --save-dev
npm install postcss postcss-cli postcss-loader precss postcss-calc autoprefixer postcss-sprites --save-dev
npm install babel-loader babel-core babel-preset-es2015 babel-preset-stage-3 babel-plugin-transform-es3-member-expression-literals babel-plugin-transform-es3-property-literals babel-plugin-add-module-exports --save-dev

install the followings devDependencies globally or locally

npm install regular-state regularjs stateman -g
npm install lodash -g
npm install once -g
npm install url -g
npm install xhr -g



npm i -g koa@next koa-compose@next koa-convert koa-mount@next koa-router@next koa-send koa-session koa-static@next koa-bodyparser@next