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What is Zola ?

Zola is a static site generator (SSG), similar to Hugo, Pelican, and Jekyll. It is written in Rust and uses the Tera template engine, which is similar to Jinja2, Django templates, Liquid, and Twig. Content is written in CommonMark, a strongly defined, highly compatible specification of Markdown.

Official Links

Why Zola as a NPM package ??

Zola provides pre-built binaries for MacOS, Linux and Windows on its GitHub release page.

This package can be used for calling the pre-built Zola binary through Node, making it a part of node's vast NPM ecosystem. This package is a cross-platform, easy to install and integrate with other NPM packages. Also, This package gets the binaries directly from Zola Releases Page.


Add it as a dependency into your project or a new one, using....

npm i zola-bin


npm i -g zola-bin

From CLI

Format: zola-bin [args]

args are same as official zola CLI. Additionally, In your project's package.json file, you call it inside a script after adding it as a devDependency.

"scripts": {
    "dev": "zola-bin serve --port 7000 --open",
    "build": "zola-bin build"

JavaScript API

Note: Only supports ESM

import zola, { execZola, getZolaPath } from "zola-bin";

execZola([....args]); // same as calling zola-bin [args] from command line

Following methods are just a wrapper around execZola.

Check out for usage - https://www.getzola.org/documentation/getting-started/cli-usage

interface buildOps {
	base_url?: string;
	output_dir?: string;
	config_file?: string;
interface serveOps extends buildOps {
	open?: boolean;
	port?: number;
	interface?: string;

declare const zola: {
	build(options?: buildOps): void;

	serve(options?: serveOps): void;

	check(): void;

	help(cmdHelp?: "build" | "serve" | "check" | "init"): void;

	init(name?: string): void;

export default zola;
getZolaPath(): string; // returns path to zola binary

Environment Variables

Supports adding a custom zola binary path. Create a .env file in your project root directory and add the following line:



ZOLA_BIN_PATH="./somePathToZolaFile" zola-bin [args]


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