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Zoho CRM Mobile SDK - Beta

Zoho CRM Mobile SDK lets developers to create mobile applications to interact with their Zoho CRM data. Presently, this is supported only to create Android apps.


Since this is a command line utility, we recommend you to install this globally. This may require super user previlage. However, this works with local installation as well, provided your projects should be created in the same directory of installation.

npm install -g zohocrmsdk

Running this command will install the following 2 commands into your shell.

  • zcrmsdk - to create apps on Zoho CRM.
  • zvcrmsdk - to create apps for your vertical CRM on Zoho platform.


zcrmsdk <option> (or) zvcrmsdk <option>

where option is one of :

  • create - creates a new mobile project.
  • help - displays help.
  • version - displays the present version of sdk.

Additional Information

  • Refer here for the complete documentation of the mobile SDK.
  • Please report your feedback and any issues to
  • Support for iOS is presently under development.