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Zocco is a not-so-quick-and-dirty, few hundred-lines-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator. It produces HTML that displays your comments alongside your code. Comments are passed through Markdown, and code is passed through Pygments for syntax highlighting.

Zocco was successfully tested on different flavours of Linux, Windows and Mac.

System requirements

To run Zocco you'll need to have installed:

  • Node.js 0.8.9+ (
  • CoffeeScript (
  • Commander.js (
  • Pygments (

Markdown is not necessary, as Zocco uses a javascript implementation called Showdown.

Installing Zocco

The recommended way of installing and updating Zocco is using NPM. To install on the current directory:

npm install zocco

To install globally (require admin/root permissions!):

npm install zocco -g

And to update to the latest version:

npm update zocco or npm update zocco -g

If you need help regarding NPM usage, please check (

Pygments dependency

Zocco uses Pygments for syntax highlighting. In case you don't have Pygments installed you can install it by running the command:

sudo easy_install Pygments

Please make sure that you add the full path where Pygments was installed to your PATH environment variable. For more info on Pygments go to (

Running Zocco

Run the command zocco passing the files to be parsed as arguments. As simple as:

zocco src/ src/ src/anotherfile.js

This will generate linked HTML docs for the named source files, saving the files into a docs folder. If there's a file on the running directory, Zocco will parse it and generate an index.html with its contents.

Zocco support quite a few programming languages, please check the file resources/languages.json for the full list. We plan to add even more languages in the near future.

Why Zocco and not Docco?

Zocco is still a quick, small, dirty, fast, kickass documentation generator. While Docco focuses more on being only the smallest and dirtiest one, Zocco brings a bit of Zalando's fashion in place. It supports more languages, generates nicer documentation, creates an index file and tries to be more bullet-proof against user mistakes.

Source code and license

The full source code is available on GitHub, and released under the MIT license.

Zocco is a fork of Docco.