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    Peer to peer messaging bus, zero setup with failover and pub/sub functionality.

    zmqbus is a distributed messaging bus and event emitter built with ZeroMQ. And it's open source.

    zmqbus doesn't use a centralized broker, but instead builds a peer-to-peer network of nodes. Failover is built-in, so if a node fails the network will recover and continue sending/receving messages.

    Speedy. Since zmqbus uses ZeroMQ, it is much faster than equivalent broker-based setups. However, the downside is there is no built-in message persistence nor receive reciepts.

    No configuration needed, works out of the box, easy to deploy. By default all nodes in a subnet will discover each other and elect a master node. When the master node goes down, an election will be called for to elect a new master.


    var zmqbus = require('zmqbus');
    // Run multiple instances of this across processes/machines.
    // All instances will receive/send to each other by channel.
    var node = zmqbus.createNode({});
    node.on('ready', function() {
        // subscribe to equity channel
        // publish a quote cluster-wide
        node.publish("equity", "AAPL", 500.0);
    node.on('message', function(msg) {
        console.log("received " + msg);


    To create a new node:

    var node = require('zmqbus').createNode({});

    Listen for 'ready' event before calling other methods

    node.on('ready', function() {
        // node is ready

    Listen for 'message' event for messages. msg is an array, the first element will contain the channel name.

    node.on('message', function(msg) {
        // msg[0] is channel name, msg.slice(1) will contain the rest of the message

    To listen on a specific channel, use the subcribe() method. The node will only receive messages from channels it has subscribed to. Use the special name '*' to listen to all channels.

    // subscribe to equity channel

    There is a corresponding unsubscribe() method to stop listening from that channel.

    // unsubscribe from equity channel

    To publish a message to a channel, use publish().

    // publish a message to the channel
    node.publish('equity', 'AAPL', 500.0);

    A node can be stopped by calling stop(). Note: this may trigger an election if this node is the master node.

    // stop a node. node may not be restarted nor used.


    See example/simple.js

    Use the message bus to build applications like:

    • chat rooms
    • lightweight cluster-wide notifications
    • multiplayer game rooms

    Similar services:

    • Google Cloud Messaging
    • PubNub
    • Pusher


    require('zmqbus').createNode() accepts a config object with the following options:

    • election_priority
      • A node can be assigned a higher priority, so that it gets elected ahead of lesser priority nodes.
      • Default: 0, set between 0 - 99.
    • election_timeout
      • Elections receive votes from all nodes in a cluster, the election waits for up to election_timeout milliseconds before it closes.
      • Default: 2000. Set to higher value if network is lossy.
    • heartbeat_period
      • Master node heartbeats with nodes using this period (in msec).
      • Default: 2000. Set to higher value if network is lossy.
    • heartbeat_timeout
      • If nodes detect no heartbeat beyond this timeout (in msec), an election is called for.
      • Default: 6000. Set to higher value if network is lossy.
    • multicast_addr
      • Nodes discover and elect each other through multicast UDP using this address. Nodes in a cluster are identified by multicast_addr:multicast_port. To run multiple clusters in a single physical subnet change multicast_addr:multicast_port.
      • Default: ''. Set to any private multicast address, or set to '' for subnet broadcast if the subnet router has issues with multicasting.
    • multicast_port
      • See above.
      • Default: 45555. Set to another port number (max. 65535) to run multiple clusters on a physical subnet.


    var options = { election_priority: 2, multicast_addr: '', multicast_addr: '42424' };
    var node = require('zmqbus').createNode(options);



    npm install


    coffee test/tests


    npm i zmqbus

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