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Collection of device converters to be used with zigbee-herdsman.

Breaking changes


  • OTA isUpdateAvailable now returns an object instead of a boolean (e.g. {available: true, currentFileVersion: 120, otaFileVersion: 125})
  • OTA updateToLatest now returns a number (fileVersion of the new OTA) instead of a void


See Zigbee2MQTT how to support new devices.

Submitting a pull request

If you'd like to submit a pull request, you should run the following commands to ensure your changes will pass the tests:

npm install
npm run lint
npm test
npm run build

If any of those commands finish with an error your PR won't pass the tests and will likely be rejected.

Documentation of definition meta property

  • multiEndpoint: enables the multi endpoint functionallity in e.g. fromZigbee.on_off, example: normally this converter would return {"state": "OFF"}, when multiEndpoint is enabled the 'endpoint' method of the device definition will be called to determine the endpoint name which is then used as key e.g. {"state_left": "OFF"}. Only needed when device sends the same attribute from multiple endpoints. (default: false)
  • multiEndpointSkip: array of attributes to not suffix with the endpoint name
  • multiEndpointEnforce: enforce a certain endpoint for an attribute, e.g. {"power": 4} see utils.enforceEndpoint()
  • disableDefaultResponse: used by toZigbee converters to disable the default response of some devices as they don't provide one. (default: false)
  • applyRedFix: see toZigbee.light_color (default: false)
  • supportsEnhancedHue: see toZigbee.light_color (default: true)
  • supportsHueAndSaturation: see toZigbee.light_color (default: true), usually set by light_* extends via options.
  • timeout: timeout for commands to this device used in toZigbee. (default: 10000)
  • coverInverted: Set to true for cover controls that report position=100 as open (default: false)
  • coverStateFromTilt: Set cover state based on tilt
  • turnsOffAtBrightness1: Indicates light turns off when brightness 1 is set (default: false)
  • pinCodeCount: Amount of pincodes the lock can handle
  • disableActionGroup: Prevents some converters adding the action_group to the payload (default: false)
  • tuyaThermostatSystemMode/tuyaThermostatPreset: TuYa specific thermostat options
  • thermostat: see e.g. HT-08 definition
    • {dontMapPIHeatingDemand: true}: do not map pIHeatingDemand/pICoolingDemand from 0-255 -> 0-100, see fromZigbee.thermostat (default: false)
  • battery:
    • {dontDividePercentage: true}: prevents batteryPercentageRemainig from being divided (ZCL 200=100%, but some report 100=100%) (default: false)
    • {voltageToPercentage: '3V_2100'}: convert voltage to percentage using specified option. See utils.batteryVoltageToPercentage() (default: null, no voltage to percentage conversion)


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