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    Collection of device converters to be used with zigbee-herdsman.


    See Zigbee2MQTT how to support new devices.

    Submitting a pull request

    If you'd like to submit a pull request, you should run the following commands to ensure your changes will pass the tests:

    npm run lint
    npm test

    If any of those commands finish with an error your PR won't pass the tests and will likely be rejected.

    Documentation of definition meta property

    • multiEndpoint: enables the multi endpoint functionallity in e.g. fromZigbee.on_off, example: normally this converter would return {"state": "OFF"}, when multiEndpoint is enabled the 'endpoint' method of the device definition will be called to determine the endpoint name which is then used as key e.g. {"state_left": "OFF"}. Only needed when device sends the same attribute from multiple endpoints. (default: false)
    • disableDefaultResponse: used by toZigbee converters to disable the default response of some devices as they don't provide one. (default: false)
    • applyRedFix: see toZigbee.light_color (default: false)
    • enhancedHue: see toZigbee.light_color (default: true)
    • supportsHueAndSaturation: see toZigbee.light_color (default: false)
    • timeout: timeout for commands to this device used in toZigbee. (default: 10000)
    • coverInverted: Set to true for cover controls that report position=100 as open (default: false)
    • turnsOffAtBrightness1: Indicates light turns off when brightness 1 is set (default: false)
    • pinCodeCount: Amount of pincodes the lock can handle
    • disableActionGroup: Prevents some converters adding the action_group to the payload (default: false)
    • tuyaThermostatSystemMode/tuyaThermostatPreset: TuYa specific thermostat options
    • thermostat: see e.g. HT-08 definition
    • battery:
      • {dontDividePercentage: true}: prevents batteryPercentageRemainig from being divided (ZCL 200=100%, but some report 100=100%) (default: false)
      • {voltageToPercentage: '3V_2100'}: convert voltage to percentage using specified option. See utils.batteryVoltageToPercentage() (default: null, no voltage to percentage conversion)
    • fanStateOn: value used for fan_mode when using fan_state="ON", the default is "on"


    npm i zigbee-herdsman-converters

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