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zfinder is a simple, powerful, flexible static server (B/S structure).

you can setup a static server with markdown support and lots of other features using one command: $ zfinder serve


$ npm install zfinder -g


starting a zfinder server

$ zfinder serve

building files

building is to convert source files of specified formats(Markdown, etc.) into target formats.


build all files in a directory

$ zfinder build $directory

build one file

$ zfinder build $file

kill all existing zfinder processes

$ zfinder kill


handlers are designed to deal with specific urls, or serve as an web API.


name description supported
basic-auth adding basic authorization for urls yes

file system

name description supported
explorer explores directories like or explorer.exe partly
make-dir creating a directory yes
read-dir returning stats of paths in a directory yes
read-file returning stats and file content yes
remove-path removing a path(file or directory) yes
rename-path renaming a path(file or directory) yes
write-file creating or updating a file yes


name description supported
content-search searching keyword in content of files yes
glob-search searching with glob expression for path names yes
indexed-pathname-search searching for path names with indexes no
indexed-content-search searching keyword in content of files with indexes no

graphviz (supporting the DOT language via viz.js)

name description supported
dot-editor editing DOT file no
dot-previewer previewing DOT file yes
dot-renderer rendering DOT code yes

plantUML (TODO: converting plantUML into DOT using pure javascript version)

name description supported
plantuml-editor editing plantuml file no
plantuml-previewer previewing plantuml file yes
plantuml-renderer rendering plantuml code yes


name description supported
markdown-editor editing markdown file no
markdown-previewer previewing markdown file yes
markdown-renderer rendering markdown file yes


name description supported
xmind-editor editing xmind file no
xmind-previewer previewing xmind file no


name description supported
text-editor editing text file partly


name description supported
serve-index automatically add a suffix to current url if that matches a file yes
serve-static urls that are not processed by other handlers will be pass to node-static yes