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Make Zend Framework 2 fancier by providing a commandline tool to automate mundane tasks such as initializing a base project, creating modules, models, controllers, etc.


sudo npm install -g zf2-cli




init - initializes a Zend Framework 2 project based create-module - creates a module create-model - creates model object and corresponding TableGateway


Initializing a project

Initialize an existing directory as a ZF2 project

mkdir project-name
cd project-name
zf2 init

Initialize a new directory as a ZF2 project

zf2 init my-project

Creating a Module

Creates a new Module under module and updates config/application.config.php.

zf2 init my-project
cd my-project
zf2 create-module Album

You can also create multiple modules in one fell swoop

zf2 init my-project
cd my-project
zf2 create-module Album User Advertisements

Creating a model

cd module/Album
zf2 create-model Album

You can also specify fields in the create operation

cd module/Album
zf2 create-model Album title artist releaseDate

This operation will create a model object with a corresponding TableGateway. It will also update the module's Module.php file to contain the needed servcie configuration to register the TableGateway with the service map.