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Shim repository for the Zepto.js JavaScript library for Browserify

Since Zepto does not provide npm package officially, here's my personal copy of Zepto. Goto Zepto's home page for docs: Read more about it in official repo:

This package is based on components/zepto.

Current version of Zepto: 1.1.6.

Version of this repo: 1.1.6-1.

See official releases:

npm install --save zepto-browserify
= require('zepto-browserify').$
Zepto = require('zepto-browserify').Zepto
=== Zepto // => true 

Changes I made at line 886:

window.Zepto = Zepto
window.$ === undefined && (window.$ = Zepto)
// Added by github/jiyinyiyong to create an npm package 
exports.Zepto = window.Zepto
exports.$ = window.$