node package manager
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Before installing following tools, if you are using a Microsoft Windows machine, you may want to download and install Git Commandline from here


NPM is a package management tool for our front-end assets.

In order to use NPM, we need to download and install Node.js. Install Node.js in your workstation.

You can download Node.js from here.


Yarn is a toolchain built on top of NPM for locking down dependencies and peer-dependencies inside our package.json file.

  • Install yarn globally in your local machine:
$ npm install -g yarn

Now, every time you introduce an NPM package you may run:

yarn add <package>


yarn add --dev <package>


Install front-end packages:

yarn install

Running the solution

Run the following command on the command line:

npm start

This will execute security check, development, linting and testing in parallel.

Now you can open the solution in your browser as http://localhost:8001/.