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Bootstrap Helpers for Zeke


A zeke plugin for twitter bootstrap helpers:

How to Install

npm install zeke --save
npm install zeke-bootstrap --save


In you application require zeke and zeke-bootstrap, then use the use method to add the zeke-bootstrap plugin to your zeke coffeekup compiler.

zeke = require('zeke')
zb = require('zeke-bootstrap')
zeke.use(zb) # this inserts the bootstrap plugin into the zeke compiler 

Example of twitter nav bar:

zeke.render ->
  topbar ->
    navbar_inner ->
      container ->
        brandLink '#index''CodeRetreatChs'
        div '.nav-collaspe'->
          ul '#nav.nav'->
            pageLink '#index''Home'
            pageLink '#about''About'
            pageLink '#sponsors''Sponsors'
            pageLink '#schedule''Schedule'
            pageLink '#faq''FAQ'
            li '.divider-vertical'''
            dropdownMenu '#contact''Contact'[
              { href: ''label: '@coderetreatchs' }
              { href: 'mailto://'label: '' }
              { href: 'tel:843.606.0637'label: '843.606.0637' }
          a '#btn-sign-up.btn.pull-right'href: '''Register'

More Info

See Zeke

npm test


everyone is welcome to contribute with patches, bugfixes and new features

  1. create an issue on github so the community can comment on your idea
  2. fork zeke in github
  3. create a new branch git checkout -b my_branch
  4. create tests for the changes you made
  5. make sure you pass both existing and newly inserted tests
  6. commit your changes
  7. push to your branch git push origin my_branch
  8. create a pull request