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Zeerty API CLI access [![Build Status]

This app is a little wrapper around the REST API for the ZeertyCloud PaaS Kinect and Node.JS hosting platform.


npm install zeerty-cli -g


In your CLI run one of these commands:

$ zeerty
$ zeerty app <usage>
$ zeerty user <usage>

Each of them will outpot the help for the respective command.

In the newest version of zeerty-cli you can easily switch betwen instances running:

$ zeerty config set <apiendpoint> <brand>

after this you can access to your instance. To rollback to the zeerty endpoint run:

$ zeerty config set zeerty

Also you can see what is the current configuration running:

$ zeerty config get

Also you can take a look at examples and see how can you roll out your personal zeerty-cli


The zeerty community (zeerty authors):

- [Ryan Flores](


MIT 2012 - zeerty