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A small lib of FP, Node, and DOM utils.


import z from 'zeelib''')
if (z.isEven(process.argv[2])) // do things

You can also import individual functions (recommended).

import c from 'zeelib/lib/colorize'
console.log(c.bold('HELLO THERE')))

If you're using require with individual files you'll need to use default:

const c = require('zeelib/lib/colorize').default

If you get errors when using zeelib in a front-end build, you may need to use something like Webpack's node option. Try:

node: {
  fs: 'empty',
  net: 'empty',
  tls: 'empty',
  readline: 'empty',
  child_process: 'empty'

Or, just import the functions you need.