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npm package for generating random maps for 2016 battlecode

zden (zombie den? zombie eden? no one knows) creates a bunch of maps for you to test your bot on! You can easily create 100s of random maps (so you should probably be using archon to test).


npm install -g zden

Sample Usage:

zden -n 100 

Will create 100 maps in the current directory!

zden -n 100 -d maps/

Will create 100 maps in the maps/ directory!

Maps include:

  1. between 30x30 and 80x80
  2. rubble <= 1,000,000
  3. zombie den placement [1-8 dens] follows the spec (30% closer to one player)
  4. zombie spawn schedule from light to max
  5. random terrain
  6. random parts
  7. random neutrals (including up to 4 archons)
  8. starting archons [1, 4]
  9. archons start together, or seperate
  10. all the rotations, symmetry!
  11. descriptive names!

Map Names


z in [0, 3] represents the number of zombie spawns on the map (0 light schedule, 3 max schedule)
r in [0, 9] represents the amount of rubble on the map the higher the number the more rubble
   *note: this is a log scale on average rubble per square
a in [1, 4] represents the number of starting team archons
d in [2, 4, 6, 8] represents the total number of starting dens

The z, a, and d params can be explicity assigned.

For example:

  • if you wanted to create 10 maps with a light zombie schedule: zden -z 0 -n 10
  • if you wanted to create 10 maps with 4 team archons: zden -a 4 -n 10
  • if you wanted to create 10 maps with 8 starting dens: zden -d 8 -n 10
  • if you wanted to create 10 maps with light Z, 4 archons and 2 dens: zden -z 0 -a 4 -d 2 -n 10

If you'd like to see something please open an issue or submit a PR!


npm i zden

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