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A helper to add tasks to gulp.

Forked for Zcash for use with Bitcore.

Credit to @bitpay for the original implementation and @str4d for the Zcash fork.

Getting started

Install with:

npm install bitcore-build-zcash

and use and require in your gulp file:

var gulp = require('gulp');
var bitcoreTasks = require('bitcore-build-zcash');
gulp.task('default', ['lint', 'test', 'browser', 'coverage']);


  • There's no default task to allow for each submodule to set up their own configuration
  • If the module is node-only, avoid adding the browser tasks with:
var bitcoreTasks = require('bitcore-build-zcash');
bitcoreTasks('submodule', {skipBrowsers: true});


See on the main bitcore repo for information about how to contribute.


Code released under the MIT license.

Copyright 2015 BitPay, Inc. Bitcore is a trademark maintained by BitPay, Inc.