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client for zabbix-agent communication

node.js client for zabbix-agent communication

Gather metrics from zabbix-controlled servers directly from your node.js application. No storage required.

Just install from npm:

npm install zabbix-agent-client
var ZabbixAgentClient = require("zabbix-agent-client"),
    client            = new ZabbixAgentClient(10050, ""),
    item              = "system.cpu.util",
    params            = ["", "nice", "avg1"];
client.getItemWithParams(item, params, function(error, result) {
    if (error) {
        console.log("Got error", error);
    console.log("Result: " + result);
  • Requiring
var ZabbixAgentClient = require("zabbix-agent-client");
  • New zabbix agent connection:
var client = new ZabbixAgentClient(10050, "");
  • Getting item by full name:
client.getItemByFullName(name, callback);
  • Getting item by name and params:
client.getItemWithParams(name, params, callback);

callback - usual node.js style callback function with error and result arguments