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CLI to help with publishing


npm install -g yw-cli

This will install yw-cli globally. The utility will be available via the yw command


yw publish major|minor|patch

This command will do the following:

  • Check that the git status is clean
  • Calculate the new version number (based on semver) and branch
  • Increment the version number in package.json and bower.json
  • Commit that change
  • Create a tag with the version number
  • Push change and tag

yw update

This command will check the github urls in the package.json and bower.json of the working directory It will then update the tags to the latest available

yw build

This command will rebuild all bower deps that have brunch. To make this happen automatically you can add a .bowerrc file with the following contents:

{ "scripts": { "postinstall": "yw build %" } }