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YUI's JavaScript Documentation engine tweaked to work with VBScript.

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YUIDoc-asp is a fork of YUIDoc that has been tweaked so it can recognize the comment syntax required in VBScript. This fork is an exact copy of YUIDoc except it will recognize the following comment pattern:

'' * This is an example function
'' * @method testForAwesome
'' * @param testValue {string} a value to test
'' * @return `true` when awesome is in abundance
'' */
Function testForAwesome(testValue)
  ' detect awesome
End Function

Note: The above function rarely returns true... remember, we are talking about ASP here. But as long as myself and others are burdened with maintaining legacy ASP code we might as well have decent documentation that blends perfectly with our other documentation.

Format explained:
VBScript does not have a block comment. It only supports line comments using an apostrophe as the comment marker. To make it work, the standard YUI doc comment is placed within a VBScript comment. Additionally the VBScript comment character (the apostrophe) causes issues with the code syntax highlighter (visible is you view the source from the documentation). Using two apostrophes at the start of each line "corrects" the code highlight. The code higlighter thinks the apostrophes open and close a string literal. If you only use one apostrophe the highlighting will toggle between string highlight and code highlight as it encounters each single apostrophe meant as a comment marker.

YUIDoc itself is a Node.js application used at build time to generate API documentation for JavaScript code. YUIDoc is comment-driven and supports a wide range of JavaScript coding styles. The output of YUIDoc is API documentation formatted as a set of HTML pages including information about methods, properties, custom events and inheritance for JavaScript objects.

YUIDoc was originally written for the YUI Project; it uses YUI JavaScript and CSS in the generated files and it supports common YUI conventions like Custom Events. That said, it can be used easily and productively on non-YUI code.


npm install -g yuidoc-asp



This project is not intended to be very actively devloped.


This software is free to use under the Yahoo Inc. BSD license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.

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