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    Youtube to snapshots and GIFs.

    Have you ever dreamt of creating a gif out of a youtube video ? Then you are in the right place


    GIF source

    This package allows you to take a screenshot, a gif or a portion out of a youtube video.

    This package is the son of these two amazing parents:


    You need to get ffmpeg installed to start using this package.

    Installation :

      $ npm install

    How does it work ?

    Instantiate the youtube object :

        var Youtube = require('');
        // You can instantiate the youtube object using the video url
        var youtube = Youtube('');
        // or you can also specify the video id
        var youtube = Youtube('ategZqxHkz4');

    Crop a youtube video :

        youtube.crop('0:05', '0:25', './file.mp4')
            .then(function () {
            }).catch(function (err) {
                console.log("err : ", err)

    The .crop() method takes a 4th argument which is the format of the video to download example : ['--format=18'] This format is exactly the same we specify when downloading a youtube video using the Youtube-dl package. Make sure to take a look at it for more info.

    Take a screenshot :

        youtube.snapshot('1:00', './file.jpg')
            .then(function () {
            }).catch(function (err) {
                console.log("err : ", err)

    The .snapshot() method also takes the format as its 3rd argument.

    Creating a GIF :

        youtube.gif('0:05', '0:35', './file.gif')
            .then(function () {
            }).catch(function (err) {
                console.log("err : ", err)

    The .gif() method takes 2 more arguments, which are size and fps

    • size : The hight and width of the final gif ex : "600x300"
    • fps : an integer representing the fps of the final gif

    You can find more details on these 2 arguments on the Fluent-ffmpeg package.

    Downloading a video'file.mp4', format)
            .then(function () {

    Again, the format is the same as the one mentioned before.


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