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This is a node.js API Blueprint formatter for producing HTML documents.

It uses protagonist and ejs to do all the dirty work.

Writing API documentation

For more info on writing API documentation, read up on the API Blueprint specification.

Here's a small sample:


# Example API

A simple API example

# Group People

This section describes the People endpoint

## Person [/people/{id}]

Represent a particular Person

+ Parameters

    + id (required, string, `123`) ... The id of the Person.

+ Model (application/json)


### Retrieve Person [GET]

Return the information for the Person

+ Response 200 (application/json)


Usage: CLI

$ ./node_modules/yours-truly/bin/yours-truly [OUTPUT_FILE.html]


Output to stdout

  1. Create your API markdown file, e.g.
  2. Run ./node_modules/yours-truly/bin/yours-truly
  3. Pipe the output somewhere
  4. Done!

Output to HTML file

  1. Create your API markdown file, e.g.
  2. Run ./node_modules/yours-truly/bin/yours-truly blueprint.html
  3. Done!
  • Trying to view the output HTML file in your browser directly from the filesystem will not display correctly.

Usage: node module

var yt = require('yours-truly'),
    html = yt('/path/to/');

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