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Pretty error reporting for Node.js 🚀

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Youch is inspired by Whoops but with a modern design. Reading stack trace of the console slows you down from active development. Instead Youch print those errors in structured HTML to the browser.


  1. HTML reporter
  2. JSON reporter, if request accepts a json instead of text/html.
  3. Sorted frames of error stack.
  4. Support for ESM.

Checkout youch terminal to beautify errors on terminal.


npm i --save youch

Basic Usage

Youch is used by AdonisJs, but it can be used by express or raw HTTP server as well.

const Youch = require('youch')
const http = require('http')

http.createServer(async function (req, res) {

  if (error) {
    const youch = new Youch(error, req)
    const html = await youch.toHTML()

    res.writeHead(200, {'content-type': 'text/html'})


Everytime an error occurs, we can help users we letting search for the error on Google, over even on the Github repo of our project.

Youch let you define clickable links to redirect the user to a website with the error message.

const youch = new Youch(error)

await youch
  .addLink(({ message }) => {
    const url = `${encodeURIComponent(`[adonis.js] ${message}`)}`
    return `<a href="${url}" target="_blank" title="Search on stackoverflow">Search stackoverflow</a>`

Also you can make use of Font awesome brands icons to display icons.

If you will use fontawesome icons, then Youch will automatically load the CSS files from the font awesome CDN for you.

const youch = new Youch(error)

await youch
  .addLink(({ message }) => {
    const url = `${encodeURIComponent(`[adonis.js] ${message}`)}`
    return `<a href="${url}" target="_blank" title="Search on stackoverflow"><i class="fab fa-stack-overflow"></i></a>`

Toggle show all frames checkbox

When rendering HTML you can call the toggleShowAllFrames method to check/uncheck the show all frames checkbox.

By default, the checkbox is not checked and calling this method once will toggle the state.

const youch = new Youch(error)

await youch

Adding CSP nonce

Youch HTML output outputs inline style and script tags and therefore you will have add nonce attribute to them when you have enabled CSP on your website.

You can pass the cspNonce property to the toHTML method at the time of rendering the error to an HTML output.

const youch = new Youch(error, req)
const html = await youch.toHTML({
  cspNonce: 'nonce-value'

Get stack as JSON

You can also the error stack frames as JSON by calling the .toJSON method.

const youch = new Youch(error, {})
const jsonResponse = await youch.toJSON()

Following is the shape of the toJSON return data type.

type JsonResponse = {
  error: {
    message: string;
    name: string;
    status: number;
    frames: {
      file: string,
      filePath: string,
      line: number,
      column: number,
      callee: string,
      calleeShort: string,
      context: {
        start: number,
        pre: string,
        line: string,
        post: string,
      isModule: boolean,
      isNative: boolean,
      isApp: boolean

Release History

Checkout file for release history.


Checkout for license information Harminder Virk (Aman) -

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