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An express.js middleware for fis widget pipline output.

This middleware is bundled in yog.

With yog you can simple use the pagelet like this.

{% extends './layout.tpl' %}
{% block content %}
    {% widget "./pagelets/jumbotron/jumbotron.tpl" id="jumbotron" mode="async" %}
{% endblock %}

And in your controller, you can assign async data like this.

router.get('/', function(req, res) {
    // pagelet Id 
    res.bigpipe.bind('jumbotron', function(setter) {
        // simulate an async progress 
        setTimeout(function() {
            // now set data to the pagelet 
            setter(null, {
                asyncData: 'xxx'
        }, 2000);

Then the jumbotron content will be rendered in chunk mode.