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Easy logging for your node applications! You just have to master:

Basic Client Usage

npm install yodle

var yodle = require('yodle')({
  project: projectId,
  server: ''
yodle.log('log without tags or level');
  tags: [ 'tag', 'tag2' ],
  message: 'log with tags and level',
  level: 'severe'

The message be an object and can be searched as such. Do whatever you want with it! A projectId can be found when a new project is created using the command line or possily a GUI:

Advanced Client Usage

npm install yodle -g

and that's it! Installed. If you want to actually use it you can open a terminal and try:


Getting started

register("email", "password") // Register a user on attached server 
login("email", "password")    // Login with a given user 
newProject("projectName")     // Create a new project 
listProjects()                // Display all projects 
openProject("5b")             // Open a project; if project ID is 563ce917a6d9a2a55166e5b5 
                                // you can enter 'b5', '5b5', 'e5b5', etc and it will match 
                                // the first project ID it finds that matches starting at the 
                                // right of the ID 
live()                        // View logs for given project live 
writeConfig()                 // Saves server, port, logged in user and selected project 
help()                        // More commands live in here, check it out! 

Running a server

For command line server options:

yodle --help

A fully configured server looks like this:

yodle --daemon --port 3000 --mongo mongodb://mongoUrl/database

That's it. It's a little rough. Also it crashes a bunch so don't be scared. Right now the only way to view the logs is through the CLI (and you can't sort or search or limit anything) or directly in your mongo instance.

Don't count on security or uptime or reliability. This is in active development!

Finally, you can implement your own server or your own client if you want; we've documented the API here

Thanks for checking us out! Have fun.