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YilJS - A library to convert callback'd functions into synchronous yields


You just learned about the yield keyword in ECMAScript 6, you want to play it, but drat, you're stuck with a library that depends on the last argument being a callback. What a drag.

Yil helps skirt this by creating an easy wrapper to write synchrnous code.


Technically, this library doesn't contain any code that won't work in Node 0.8. However, since the whole point is to generate yield-friendly code, you're probably going to want Node 0.11 or later with the --harmony flag.

How to Use

Ah, now the real fun.

To use Yil with a function where the last argument is a callback:

var myAsyncFunction = function(arg1, arg2, callback){
    //do stuff
var myYieldFunction = function(){
    var thing = yield yil.callback(myAsyncFunction, arg1, arg2); 

If you need to specify a specific scope, write it like this:

var thing = yield yil.callback({scope:this, func: myAsyncFunction}, arg1, arg2);