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For when npm run isn't enough and everything else is too much.

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Ygor is a no-frills toolkit consisting of a task runner and a file transformer. Enjoy as a whole or a la carte. Built on promises to work wonderfully with async and await in Node.js 8 and above.

Node is the CLI, npm is the plugin system. Go nuts.


$ npm install --save-dev ygor


Create a JavaScript file, write some functions, tell Ygor.

// make.js
const { tasks, shell, find, read, write } = require('ygor');
const { transform } = require('babel-core');
function buildCss() {
  return shell`postcss --use autoprefixer --dir dest src/**/*.css`;
function buildJs(cli) {
  return find('src/**/*.js')
    .map(file => {
      const { code } = await transform(file.contents, cli);
      file.contents = code;
      return file;
async function build(cli) {
  await buildCss(cli);
  await buildJs(cli);
  .add('css', buildCss);
  .add('js', buildJs)
  .add('default', build);

To run a task, execute the file with Node.js and indicate which task to perform.

$ node make js --minified


See the individual packages for complete documentation:

MIT © Shannon Moeller