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This is a yeoman generator that scaffolds out a project using Zurb Foundation by default, expanding on yeoman's quickstart generator. This generator will install Zurb Foundation, jQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and Require.js.


You will need the zurb-foundation compass gem installed. Visit the foundation documentation for detailed directions on installation. If you already have your ruby environment setup, all you need to do for installation is:

[sudo] gem install zurb-foundation


You can install this generator globally via npm:

[sudo] npm install -g yeoman-foundation

I have only tested this on Mac OS X, but it should work in Windows and other *nix environments. During a global npm install, the generator will get installed in your global node_modules directory, while a symlink to the foundation generator will be created in your global yeoman generators directory:



After copying to your global generator location, use:

yeoman init foundation

to generate the basic scaffolding for a foundation based project.

This generator provides a scaffold that uses require.js to load javascript modules. After generating the project scaffolding a node child_process will run to install jQuery, Backbone, and Require.js along with any dependencies. This child process is running yeoman install jquery backbone requirejs --save so you don't have to after.

Note: There is a bug in Yeoman 0.9.6 that is preventing the --save argument from adding files to component.json. If you would like your components saved in there, run: bower install jquery backbone requirejs --save to add them.