DEPRECATED: see v2.0 here

Yeoman Bootstrap Less

Generator for Yeoman to init a project with the Less version of Twitter Bootstrap

$ sudo npm install -g yeoman-bootstrap-less

This will install the generator globally so you will be able to use it everywhere.

You may need to re-install the generator every time you update Yeoman.

Here is how to uninstall the generator

  • $ cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/yeoman/node_modules/yeoman-generators/lib/generators
  • $ sudo rm -rf bootstrap-less/

Bootstrap-less need to use grunt-recess Grunt task to compile less files, so you need to install it in your project folder.

  • $ yeoman init bootstrap-less - Init your project with the last version of Twitter Bootstrap's less files
  • $ npm install grunt-recess - Install grunt-recess in your project folder

yeoman server - Launch a preview server which will begin watching for changes

yeoman build - Build an optimized version of your app, ready to deploy

Thomas Lebeau