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YConnect (OAuth 2.0 + OpenID connect authorization) for Node.js.

Getting Started

Install to using NPM.

$ npm install yconnect

By passing the access token to access the API, you can retrieve the data.

Here is an example to access the UserInfo API:

var yconnect = require('yconnect');
yconnect("<YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN>").getUserInfo({schema: 'openid'}, function (error, data) {
    if (!error) {
    } else {

The result is just below.

{ user_id: '43M63NAGMHBAYMXRMY3WODOWS4',
  name: 'OkumuraRyuichi',
  given_name: 'Ryuichi',
  'given_name#ja-Kana-JP': '',
  'given_name#ja-Hani-JP': 'Ryuichi',
  family_name: 'Okumura',
  'family_name#ja-Kana-JP': '',
  'family_name#ja-Hani-JP': 'Okumura',
  locale: 'ja-JP',
  email: '',
  email_verified: true,
   { country: 'jp',
     postal_code: '1060032',
     region: 'Tokyo',
     locality: 'Minato-ku' },
  birthday: '1984',
  gender: 'male' }

More details to use YConnect

All the stuff in YConnect official documents.



This module is available under the BSD license.

The oauth module is available under the MIT license.