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    This project is still not ready for general use. I use it to create TypeScript type annotations for most of my JS and especially my combined JS/C++ projects. I usually add the features I need at every new project. Maybe one day it will become a real generic tool.

    Yet Another Tag Annotations Generator

    yatag is a tool for generating TypeScript index.d.ts from jsdoc-compatible type annotations.

    It was created to generate the index.d.ts of the project node-gdal-async which is a native Node.js addon with both JS and C++ code. It is tested with yuidoc but should also support other jsdoc-compatible annotations.

    As opposed to the now built-in capability of the Typescript compiler, yatag solves a very simple problem in a very simple manner.

    yatag is completely language-agnostic as it doesn't parse the language at all - it parses only the jsdoc-compatible type annotations blocks.

    Why another type generator?

    • Because ever since my childhood I always wanted to create at least one software package with a name starting with 'yet another'
    • Because the automatic index.d.ts generation introduced by TypeScript in 3.7 is still badly broken and even if it is constantly improving, there are stil show-stopping bugs in 4.2 - which given its overly complex approach to an otherwise very simple problem is absolutely understandable
    • Because even if the TypeScript automatic generation one day eventually works, it will still support only JavaScript, while yatag, originally written for a Node.js native addon (node-gdal-async) supports C++


    Nothing is more simple:

    npm install --save-dev yatag

    Then create yatag.config.js with:

    module.exports = {
      include: ["src/**/*.@(cpp|hpp|h|c)", "lib/*.js"],
      output: "index.d.ts",
      root: "SuperDuperModule",
      mangle: (name) => name.match(/oldfashion/g, "modern"),
      filter: (name) => !name.match(/__hidden_sys_internals/g),
      header: 'import base from \'base\'',
      footer: 'export = myDefaultExport'

    And finally run it:


    Voila, you have generated your type definitions.


    npm i yatag

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