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This README is also available in Russian.

Search tool typos in the text, files and websites.

Used API Yandex.Speller.



npm install yaspeller -g

Using CLI

yaspeller [options] <file-or-directory-or-link...>

Using with pre-commit

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml:

- repo: https://github.com/hcodes/yaspeller.git
  rev: '' # Use the sha / tag you want to point at
    - id: yaspeller


  • yaspeller README.md — search typos in the file.
  • yaspeller "*.md" — node glob syntax for Windows.
  • yaspeller -e ".md,.html,.txt" ./texts/ — finding typos in files in the folder.
  • yaspeller https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9E%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%87%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%BA%D0%B0 — search typos in the page.
  • yaspeller http://bem.info/sitemap.xml — search typos at the addresses specified in the sitemap.xml.
  • echo "Hello, world!" | yaspeller --stdin
  • echo "Hello, world!" | yaspeller --stdin --stdin-filename hello.txt


-f, --format <value>

Formats: plain, html, markdown or auto.
Default: auto.

-l, --lang <value>

Languages: en, ru or uk.
Default: en,ru.

-c, --config <path>

Configuration file path.

-e, --file-extensions <value>

Set file extensions to search for files in a folder.
Example: .md,.htm,.txt.

--dictionary <file>

JSON file for own dictionary.

    "someword1", // someword1 = someword1 and Someword1
    "Someword2", // Someword2 = Someword2

Regular expressions are supported:

    "unknown(W|w)ord[12]?", // unknown(W|w)ord[12]? = unknown(W|w)ord[12]? and Unknown(W|w)ord[12]?
    "Unknown(W|w)ord[34]?" // Unknown(W|w)ord[34]? = Unknown(W|w)ord[34]?

yaspeller --dictionary my_dict.json .
yaspeller --dictionary my_dict.json:my_dict2.json .

If you have tons of markdown and introduce this linter, you're likely to want generation of initial dictionary with yaspeller-dictionary-builder, so one line will cover all word's forms.

--report <type>

Set type of report: console, html, markdown, junit or json.
Default: console
Example: console,html,custom_report.js


Check the correctness of using the letter “Ё” (Yo) in Russian texts.


Highlight repetitions of words, consecutive. For example, I flew to to to Cyprus.

--ignore-tags <tags>

Ignore HTML tags.
Default: code,kbd,object,samp,script,style,var
Option to formats html and markdown.

--ignore-text <regexp>

Remove the text from the scan using regular expressions.


Ignore the incorrect use of UPPERCASE / lowercase letters, for example, in the word moscow.


Ignore words with numbers, such as avp17h4534.


Ignore Internet addresses, email addresses and filenames.

--max-requests <value>

Max count of requests in parallel.
Default: 2.


Clean output without colors.


Output only errors.


Process files on <STDIN>. Default: false

--stdin-filename <file>

Specify filename to process <STDIN> as. Used in reports.


Debug mode.


npm install yaspeller --save-dev

Add the text in package.json / scripts:
"yaspeller": "yaspeller .",

To run the linter:
npm run yaspeller

yaspeller is configured using JSON file at the root of the project:

  • .yaspellerrc
  • .yaspellerrc.js
  • .yaspellerrc.json
  • .yaspeller.json
  • package.json, field yaspeller
  "excludeFiles": [
  "lang": "ru",
  "fileExtensions": [
  "dictionary": [

Advanced example:

  "excludeFiles": [
  "format": "html",
  "lang": "en",
  "fileExtensions": [
  "report": ["console", "html"],
  "dictionary": [
    // JSON comments
    "someword1", // someword1 = someword1 and Someword1
    "Someword2", // Someword2 = Someword2
    "some(w|W)ord[23]", // some(w|W)ord[23] = some(w|W)ord[23] and Some(w|W)ord[23]
    "Some(w|W)ord" // Some(w|W)ord = Some(w|W)ord
  "ignoreText": [
    "<php\?[^]*?\?>", // Shortly
    ["<php\?[^]*?\?>", "g"] // Longly
  "ignoreTags": ["code", "script"],
  "ignoreUrls": true,
  "findRepeatWords": true,
  "maxRequests": 5
Property  Type Details
format String --format
lang String --lang
excludeFiles Array
fileExtensions Array --file-extension
dictionary Array --dictionary
report Array --report
checkYo Boolean --check-yo
findRepeatWords Boolean --find-repeat-words
ignoreTags Array --ignore-tags
ignoreText Array --ignore-text
ignoreCapitalization Boolean --ignore-capitalization
ignoreDigits Boolean --ignore-digits
ignoreUrls Boolean --ignore-urls
maxRequests Number --max-requests

Ignore text from checking

Ignore a line

var re = /a-z/; // yaspeller ignore
var re = /a-z/; /* yaspeller ignore */
<span>a-z</span> <!-- yaspeller ignore -->

Ignore a block

/* yaspeller ignore:start */
const reUpper = /A-Z/;
const reLower = /a-z/;
/* yaspeller ignore:end */
<!-- yaspeller ignore:start -->
<!-- yaspeller ignore:end -->

Gulp plugin

const gulp = require('gulp');
const run = require('gulp-run'); // npm install gulp-run --save-dev

gulp.task('yaspeller', function (cb) {
    run('./node_modules/.bin/yaspeller .').exec()
        .on('error', function (err) {
        .on('finish', cb);

Grunt plugin

module.exports = function(grunt) {
    grunt.loadNpmTasks('grunt-shell'); // npm install grunt-shell --save-dev
        shell: {
            yaspeller: {
                options: {stderr: false},
                command: './node_modules/.bin/yaspeller .'
    grunt.registerTask('lint', ['shell:yaspeller']);

Restrictions API Yandex.Speller


MIT License

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