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A tool to generate a command line reference from a yargs powered cli

How to use

Its simple!

$ npm i yargs-reference -g
$ cd /my/app/path
$ yargs-reference

Writing out to ./docs/reference.md

# Command Reference
Note: This is not an exauhstive list, and entries may be missing or incomplete.


### Command

### Description
My command does...

### Options
| Option Name | Description | Type | Required | Default Value |
| :--- | :------------ | :---: | :---: | :---: |
| option | This option does... - (Choices: only,these,are,valid) | string | false | valid |


Please see the reference file for advanced information


The tool should be usable as-in, to generate a reference file for a command line tool built to the following spec.

The schema

// my-command.js
exports.command = 'command'

exports.description = 'My command does...'

exports.builder = {
  option: {
    type: 'string',
    description: 'This option does...'
    default: 'valid',
    choices: ['only','these','are','valid']

If the modules which export your commands functionality conform to this, then it may well work. We dont offer any guarantee, so your milage may and probably will vary.

Please see this file for a working example.

Non yargs tools?

If your tool wasn't written with yargs in mind, it may still work - the tool scans the source files for modules exposing the following fields;

Field Use
context The context of the command
command The actual command itself with any parameters
description A short description of the command
builder Options for your command (options schema)

What does the output look like?

Check out our own reference file to see! Have a look at this file to see what it was generated from.


npm i yargs-reference

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