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yaping is yet another ping utility for nodejs

I wouldn't use it if I were you. I don't even use it and I'm me. I'm pushing this to further my dream of raw sockets in node. When that day arrives I'll port a random python icmp ping implementation to node, check the pcap caputres against the unix ping utility and call it a day.

In actuality, that will only be the start of my day. I'll also create a ping response server that lies about how fast it responds. (You can totally do that, it's awesome.) All my servers will show negative latency, and you can't prove it's a lie.

This simple function should

  • do dns lookups
  • ping once
  • timeout after 10 seconds
  • communicate all the well though out error codes that ping provides
  • spawn a child processes out of wedlock

Patches/Pull requests welcome.