Yaml annotated markdown. A subset of the nest django cms format.

Yaml M.D.

$ echo 'title: Latest news\n\n#Latest news' | yamlmd2json
{"title":"Latest news","html":"<h1>Latest news</h1>"}

yamlmd is a node module and a command line utility that generates JSON documents by parsing YAML annotated Markdown files. Github flavoured Markdown is being used to parse the markdown part.

The input format is loosely compatible to the Django "nest" framework: some YAML metadata and Markdown seperated by two newline characters.

title: This title will become a JSON property
This title will be rendered as HTML

To use it as a module in node, type

npm i yamlmd

To use it as a command line utility, one should install it globally

npm i yamlmd -g

var yamlmd = require('yamlmd');
yamlmd.parse('title: Latest news\n\n#Latest news');