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simple yaml setup to work with bots

A Yaml configuration file builder to use with irc-bots

Install via npm

$ npm install jahpd/yamlirc

Or clone our repo in github

$ git clone

And then install necessary modules

$ npm install -l

Build and Test


$ npm test
var yamlirc = require('yamlirc')
var yamljs = require('yaml-js')
var bot = require('irc')
var opt = {
    server: ""
    nick: "yaml"
    channels: ["#nodejs", "#labmacambira", "#yaml"]
yamlirc.add('path/to/my/irc.yml', opt, function(err, data){
    // data is a string from file 
    oopt = yamljs.load data
    oopt.channels.push "#vegan"
    yamlirc.add('path/to/my/other/irc.yml', oopt, function(err, data){
        //TODO other thing... 
//load existed file 
yamlirc.load('path/to/my/irc.yml', function(err, yaml){
    if(!err) var mybot = new irc.Client(yaml.server, yaml.nick, yaml.options)

will generate a file like this in path/to/my/irc.yml

nick: yamlbot
  port: 6607
  userName: oyamlboto
  realName: eeByamlbotBee
  autorejoin: on
  debug: on
  secure: off
  pluginsPath: ../plugins/
    - "#nodejs" 
    - "#labmacambira" 
    - "#yaml" 

in callback function, yamldata get a object like this, and then you can use on a ircbot:

    server: "",
    nick: "bot",
    options: {
        port: "6607",
        userName: "oyamlboto",
        realName: "eeByamlbotBee",
        autorejoin: true,
        debug: true,
        secure: false,
        pluginsPath: "../plugins/",
        channels: ["#nodejs", "#labmacambira", "#yaml"]