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Hubot: yadt-hubot-script

Build Status

Subscribes itself one or more topics provided by a YaDT broadcaster and publishes those notifications. So far only cmd notification are supported.

See src/ for further documentation.


Add yadt-hubot-script to your package.json file:

  "hubot": ">= 2.5.1",
  "yadt-hubot-script": ">= 0.0.1",

Add yadt-hubot-script to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install


Create a config file (coffeescript) somewhere a set the environment variable HUBOT_YADT_CONFIG to that file.

export HUBOT_YADT_CONFIG=/path/to/file

Sample config file.

exports.broadcasterUrl = 'ws://host:port'
exports.channelConfig = [
    regex: /^dev.*/i
    rooms: ["#dev-channel", "#ops-channel"] },
    regex: /evil.*/i },
    regex: /.*/
    rooms: ["#devops-channel"] }
exports.topics = ['dev-machines']

Sample Interaction

hubot>> Yadt action 'update' for target '' has been 'started'.
hubot>> Yadt action 'update' for target '' has been 'finished'.