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Ready to use yadda BBD test framework with selenium-webdriver and chai for chromedriver and phantomjs

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npm i ya-done --save

The aim of this package is to build a simple configuration for 'yadda' to enable QA test engineers to productively build test projects for web projects using JavaScript.

ya-done configures 'yadda' with chai with 'selenium-webdriver'. 'yadda' has been created with two context properties. 'selenium-webdriver' can be accessed via the property 'driver' additionally a property of 'ctx', type object, has been added to allow the passing of data between steps.

ya-done allows testing with either chomedriver or phantomjs. When using phantomjs chai-webdriver is not configured as a 'dom' is not available. Additional frameworks may be configured in later versions.

Technologies Used

Default steps

ya-done has preconfigured "set-up" and "tear down" steps.

  • a web browser (sets window size, solves lots of webdriver common problems)
  • end the test (calls quit on webdriver)

These steps are added to the yadda library by default and are used in the example project and seen below.


ya-done exposes "yaddaCore" which requires a step library to run. The web-browser to be used for testing can be defined by either a string or configuration object. When using a configuration object the window size can also be set, more configuration option may become available as issues are found or raised.

import { yaddaCore } from 'ya-done';
import steps from './steps';
/* configure */
/* or configure */
yaddaCore(steps, 'phantomjs');
/* or configure */
    framework: 'phantomjs',
    size: {
      width: 1024,
      height: 768,

Example use

Using the example project provided.

sample project structure

│   index.js    
│   │ index.js
    │ hello.feature

index.js (project level)

import { yaddaCore } from 'ya-done';
import steps from './steps';


Feature: ya-done example
    Scenario: webdriver is simple with ya-done
      Given a web browser
      When the browser navigates to github
      Then the headers should not be hello world
      And end the test

index.js (steps level)

import { yaddaLibrary } from 'ya-done';
const runTests = () => yaddaLibrary()
    'the browser navigates to github',
    function loadGithub(next) {
    'the headers should not be hello world',
    (next) => {
      expect('#site-container h1.heading')
      .text('hello world');
export default runTests();

install and run the project

npm i
npm test