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xTuple Dashboard Anything

Dashboard-Anything is a web view that lets you create a dashboard from charts powered by any business object in the application. It follows the convention by which you can pull a list of business object per a certain optional filter, group by some field on that object, and total either a numeric field on the object or just the count of objects.

Each user can customize their own charts, using all the existing objects in the system. If you're looking for a presentation of arbitrarily complicated SQL calculations, you'll want to create a view and write an ORM on top of it, per the example here. (You don't need to worry about the client directory in this example, only the database view and the ORM.) Because dashboard-anything uses the REST discovery service, it will instantly find out about any newly-installed ORMs.

These are operational dashboards, and there is a cap on the amount of data that it will want to query. If you're looking for analytics of large amounts of data, for historical reporting, YTD comparisons, and the like, you should invest in Business Intelligence.

Production Install

$ cd xtuple
$ ./scripts/build_app.js -e node_modules/xtuple-dashboard-anything

And restart the datasource.

Alternatively, you can get all this done by doing an install-extension of xtuple-dashboard-anything from the Enyo database config screen.

Dev install

$ cd xtuple-dashboard-anything
$ npm install
$ ./node_modules/grunt-cli/bin/grunt watch
$ cd ../xtuple
$ npm link ../xtuple-dashboard-anything
$ ./scripts/build_app.js -n -e node_modules/xtuple-dashboard-anything

Find the app

For either dev or production installs, you can find the app by navigating to https://{host}/{database_name}/npm/xtuple-dashboard-anything/public/index.html


npm i xtuple-dashboard-anything

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