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jQuery plugin for accordions and expanding blocks

Displays target on this click and hides on another.

How to use

Define js-xpand class on element, which will control toggling of blocks:

import $ from 'jquery'
import 'xpand'
$(() => {

It's recommended to use <button> as controlling elements, since it will keep everything accessible for keyboards out of box.

With default settings, set js-xpand__target on element, which should be expanded. If scoping enabled, with default settings set js-xpand__scope on any parent, to define scope, within which js-xpand should search for targets to expand.

Note, that it's possible to control single target with few buttons, but current plugin will not propagate target changes to another button. So it's up to end user to be accurate with scopes.


Defaults can be changed by passing options as an object to xpand call. See index.js for list of possible settings.

On-the-fly adjustment

Individual expander behaviour can be altered by setting following attributes on html element, bearing js-xpand:

  • class='is-active' — to make target expanded by default.

  • data-xpand='{{ your query }}':

    • false or unspecified - toggles targets, defined by userOptions.defaultTargetQuery query.
    • your query — query of a container, which should be expanded on this click.
  • data-xpand-scope='{{ next || true || your query }}':

    • false or unspecified — selects absolutely all targets defined by data-xpand query
    • next — selects all next siblings with defined in data-xpand query.
    • true — selects all targets defined by data-xpand query within scope, defined by closest container, which defined by userOptions.defaultScopeQuery query.
    • your query — same as true, but you can specify specific query of defining scope container.

Usage examples

  <button class='js-xpand' data-xpand='.js-xpand__target1'>Togle 1</button>
  <p class='js-xpand__target1'>Content 1</p>
<div class='js-xpand__scope11'>
  <button class='js-xpand is-active' data-xpand-scope='.js-xpand__scope11'>Togle scope 11</button>
  <p class='js-xpand__target'>Togle 1</p>


npm i xpand

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