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This project is used for web server framework of XmT Ltd.

Our server group guys have made lots of discussions about which tool we should adopt. We talked about pure Ecmascript 6, traceur, babel and so on. Finally, we made a united decision on that it must be typescript - microsoft's typed javascript.

Our server framework is aimed at the goal - "simple, fast, debug-faced and stable". For now we have done many awesome features like tasks switch, debug information record and request-response object initialize. In the future, we will try our best to get continual improvements. Good luck for our team!


Use the typescript compiler to compile the code set and the compiler will read the tsconfig.json file automatically.


We will use a fantastic combination set - mocha, chai and superagent. You should be able to use npm test to test all the code.


  • RareGrass - XmT Ltd.
  • Xyxadcdiy - XmT Ltd.
  • Agentrengar - XmT Ltd.
  • Smart - XmT Ltd.