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libxml2 ↔ node.js

This library exposes functionality implemented in libxml2 as functions and objects in node.js

As simple as possible

A very small subset

Only the most basic functionality has been implemented. For example, there is no support for namespaces, nor is there support for manipulating CDATA sections.

Dumb C++

The C++ has been kept as simple as we possibly can. It looks more like a C program than a C++ program. In certain cases, simpler implementation has been preferred over the most performant algorithm. e.g. We used a linked-list of nodes instead of a balanced binary tree.


Functional tests

There is a suite of over 200 scripted tests which have been designed to help protect the code from faulting.

Memory leak tested

One of the drivers for this library is that available adapters for libxml2 leak quite badly under moderate load. This code is being run in a production system which undergoes load tests to detect memory leaks.

TDB - Mapping of xmlgoo functions to libxml2 functions



  1. Upgrade includes to support gcc > 4.6


  1. Fixed bug whereby selectSingleNode (using and attribute match) would return an invalid node (and subsequently fault).


  1. Incorrect validation behaviour of .setAttribute changed so that you can now pass an empty string as the value
  2. A few bits and pieces to clean up tests