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ℹ️ About

SheetJS with Style! Create Excel spreadsheets with basic styling options using JavaScript.

xlsx-js-style sheetjs styles

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🔌 Installation

Install npm:

npm install xlsx-js-style

Install browser:

<script src="dist/xlsx.bundle.js"></script>

🗒 Core API

  • Refer to the SheetJS documentation for core API reference
  • Current version of sheetjs used: 0.18.5

🗒 Style API

Cell Style Example

// STEP 1: Create a new workbook
const wb = XLSX.utils.book_new();

// STEP 2: Create data rows and styles
let row = [
	{ v: "Courier: 24", t: "s", s: { font: { name: "Courier", sz: 24 } } },
	{ v: "bold & color", t: "s", s: { font: { bold: true, color: { rgb: "FF0000" } } } },
	{ v: "fill: color", t: "s", s: { fill: { fgColor: { rgb: "E9E9E9" } } } },
	{ v: "line\nbreak", t: "s", s: { alignment: { wrapText: true } } },

// STEP 3: Create worksheet with rows; Add worksheet to workbook
const ws = XLSX.utils.aoa_to_sheet([row]);
XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, "readme demo");

// STEP 4: Write Excel file to browser
XLSX.writeFile(wb, "xlsx-js-style-demo.xlsx");

Cell Style Properties

  • Cell styles are specified by a style object that roughly parallels the OpenXML structure.
  • Style properties currently supported are: alignment, border, fill, font, numFmt.
Style Prop Sub Prop Default Description/Values
alignment vertical bottom "top" or "center" or "bottom"
horizontal left "left" or "center" or "right"
wrapText false true or false
textRotation 0 0 to 180, or 255 // 180 is rotated down 180 degrees, 255 is special, aligned vertically
border top { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_STYLE }
bottom { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_STYLE }
left { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_STYLE }
right { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_STYLE }
diagonal { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_STYLE, diagonalUp: true/false, diagonalDown: true/false }
fill patternType "none" "solid" or "none"
fgColor foreground color: see COLOR_STYLE
bgColor background color: see COLOR_STYLE
font bold false font bold true or false
color font color COLOR_STYLE
italic false font italic true or false
name "Calibri" font name
strike false font strikethrough true or false
sz "11" font size (points)
underline false font underline true or false
vertAlign "superscript" or "subscript"
numFmt 0 Ex: "0" // integer index to built in formats, see StyleBuilder.SSF property
Ex: "0.00%" // string matching a built-in format, see StyleBuilder.SSF
Ex: "0.0%" // string specifying a custom format
Ex: "0.00%;\\(0.00%\\);\\-;@" // string specifying a custom format, escaping special characters
Ex: "m/dd/yy" // string a date format using Excel's format notation

COLOR_STYLE {object} Properties

Colors for border, fill, font are specified as an name/value object - use one of the following:

Color Prop Description Example
rgb hex RGB value {rgb: "FFCC00"}
theme theme color index {theme: 4} // (0-n) // Theme color index 4 ("Blue, Accent 1")
tint tint by percent {theme: 1, tint: 0.4} // ("Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 40%")

BORDER_STYLE {string} Properties

Border style property is one of the following values:

  • dashDotDot
  • dashDot
  • dashed
  • dotted
  • hair
  • mediumDashDotDot
  • mediumDashDot
  • mediumDashed
  • medium
  • slantDashDot
  • thick
  • thin

Border Notes

Borders for merged areas are specified for each cell within the merged area. For example, to apply a box border to a merged area of 3x3 cells, border styles would need to be specified for eight different cells:

  • left borders (for the three cells on the left)
  • right borders (for the cells on the right)
  • top borders (for the cells on the top)
  • bottom borders (for the cells on the left)

🙏 Thanks

This project is a fork of SheetJS/sheetjs combined with code from sheetjs-style (by ShanaMaid) and sheetjs-style-v2 (by Raul Gonzalez).

All projects are under the Apache 2.0 License

🔖 License

Please consult the attached LICENSE file for details. All rights not explicitly granted by the Apache 2.0 License are reserved by the Original Author.

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