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Upload and convert XLSForm into XForm in nodejs

It support both multiparty request and normal http request where xlsform is send as base64 encoded content


$ npm install --save xls2xform-upload


var app = require('express');
var xlsformUpload = require('xls2xform-upload');
//use xlsform in your middlewares chain  
app.get('/xform', xlsformUpload(), function(request, response) {
    //obtain xlsform and xform details from request body 
    //by using `xlsform` key by default 
//or with options supplied 
app.get('/xform', xlsformUpload({
    fieldName: 'form',
}), function(request, response) {
    //obtain xlsform and xform details from request body 
    //by using provided fieldName `form` 


xls2xform-upload accept the following options

  • fieldName a name of the field used to extract xlsform details from multiparty or normal http request default to xlsform
  • pythonPath path to custom python installation


xls2xform-upload will accept, parse and convert submitted XLSForm into XForm. The structure of result is as bellow:

    name: '<name of the file of xlsform uploaded>',
    type: '<mime type of the file of uploaded xlsform>',
    size: '<size of uploaded xlsform>',
    base64:'<xlsform in base64>',

Base64 Convertion

In base64 convertion you will have to prepare a json payload as below:

    `<fieldName>`: {
        name: 'simple.xls',
        type: 'application/',
        size: 8704,
        base64: //xlsform encoded as base64 

<fieldName> must match the fieldName options supplied when configure middleware stack.

  • name is the name of xlsform
  • type mime type of xlsform
  • size size in bytes of the xlsform
  • base64 base64 encoded xlsform

Multiparty Convertion

In multiparty convertion your have to make sure file field is single upload and its name match the fieldName options supplied when configure middleware stack.

<input type="file" name="xlsform">

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